Having a car is a necessity for the millions of Americans who don’t have alternative transportation to get to work or school. When you have bad credit, that necessity can create a catch-22: you have to have a car to get to your job, but you need a job so you can qualify for a loan to get a car. With a low credit score, getting a loan with an affordable interest rate can be a monumental challenge. You need to dig yourself out of debt without risking making the hole even deeper.

For many car buyers, the solution is a subprime auto loan. Offered by a variety of lenders, a subprime auto loan is financing provided to consumers with very low credit scores. The lender offsets their risk by charging higher interest rates.

Who Makes Subprime Auto Loans?

Many lenders do subprime auto lending. They range from large national banks with hundreds of branches to online lenders, credit unions, finance companies, and specialized auto dealerships. Different lenders have vastly different reputations in how they work with subprime borrowers. Community banks and credit unions typically offer the best balance of customer service and low rates. Large banks often have inflexible lending policies and somewhat higher than average rates. Online lenders can have comparatively low rates, but sometimes lack the one-on-one customer service many borrowers with credit issues need.

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Looking to get approved for an auto loan in a fast friendly environment? You've come to the right place! Cascade auto finance, bad credit auto loan options. We specialize in helping people that may have experienced credit problems or had difficulties getting a car loan in the past. And our service is Fast, and Free. We have been helping  people with problem credit obtain Auto Loans for over 20 Years. Don't Let the Recession Challenges keep you from driving the car of your choice.
We find the Lender that your credit and income match their criteria for an auto loan regardless of your past history.

Online auto loans are approved fast including guaranteed financing for bad credit auto loans or bankruptcy auto loans. You can get pre-approved for a new or used auto loan online with our free auto loan referral process. We specialize in bad credit auto loans and bad credit auto financing with our local auto finance credit centers.

Our auto loan financing programs for low credit auto loans or just less than perfect credit auto loans. Apply today and allow us to offer you the best terms for your situation on your new or used auto loan.

We are a local referral source that helps people in our community to obtain auto financing. We Guard your information with the latest Security technology to ensure it is safe and confidential.


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Most companies that you will deal with truly only care about their bottom line and they never really take the time to get to know their clients or the people they are helping.

Not Cascade Auto Finance, We take the time to professionally get to know you and give you the information you are going to need to assist you in the car financing process. We are here to get you a loan with the best terms available. If you ever have questions about the process just ask us, We are a very knowledgeable staff. We have been in the auto finance referral business for over 20 years.